Save Money with Liquid Supplements?

Yes. As funny as that might sound, countless studies have reported that the body only delivers about 20-25% (per dose) of pills and tablets taken by the consumer. This really means you “flush” away most of he vitamins before you get them to your bloodstream. And that’s very expensive urine! Whereas, liquid nutrition may be utilized into the bloodstream much sooner, much faster, with as much as 90% of the dosage taken being bioavailable to the body… Entering the body as a liquid obviously speeds up the process, avoiding much of the destructive environment in the stomach. All foods must be converted into a water-soluble state for the body to use them. Digestion will destroy most of the fragile viatamins, then what remains will pass along to the small intestines. This is all part of the process the body uses to breakdown the foods into the various nutritional elements your body can use. So, it makes sense to take liquid nutritional supplements whenever possible to increase the bioavailability of each element consumed, and therby save more money! Work it out. You may pay a few cents more upfront… but you will be saving money in the backend! (Sorry…had to say it!) ME

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